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About us

DYNATECT is one of the leading providers of machine protection products and offers a comprehensive range of industrial equipment protection with tailor-made solutions for all industrial sectors.

DYNATECT in Europe:

DYNATECT's European headquarters have been located in Kolbermoor since January 2022. At Thodacon Werkzeugmaschinenschutz GmbH you get all DYNATECT products from a single source.

DYNATECT Manufacturing Inc.

Founded in 1945, our parent company DYNATECT Manufacturing Inc. (formerly A&A Manufacturing Co. Inc.) is North America’s leading manufacturer of dynamic equipment protection and headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Founder Gerald O’Rourke of today’s DYNATECT Group initially manufactured bellows covers and various products made of plastic-coated fabric for the machine and tool industry in the initial phase of the company. Due to the great demand from the industry for further machine protection products, the product range has been supplemented with various protective covers.


Since January 1st, 2019 DYNATECT-HALLTECH and DYNATECT-MFB have been operating under the common name DYNATECT-MFB GmbH. On April 1st, 2019 the company name was changed to DYNATECT Europe GmbH.

Thodacon Werkzeugmaschinenschutz GmbH has been part of the Dynatect Group since 2020. 


DYNATECT, based in Schwaig near Munich, is one of the leading suppliers of machine protection products and offers a comprehensive range of industrial equipment protection products with tailor-made solutions for all industrial sectors.

The company was founded in 2006 under the name HALLTECH and has been trading since 2012 under DYNATECT-HALLTECH as a company of the DYNATECT group.

– formerly MFB-Technik Schilling GmbH & Co. KG

The company operates in the market for motion elements and bellows since 1995. Box, Flex and Multiflex bellows, slideway protections, folding aprons, pressings and injection-molded parts for machine protection are manufactured in our Bielefeld factory.

We also like to develop according to customer needs. Our product range also includes duct expansion compensators, our compensators and protectors include rubber disc bellows and rubber bellows.



Today, DYNATECT, with five production sites and around 500 employees, is a growing company worldwide and the first point of contact for effective protection systems in the markets of mechanical and systems engineering, transportation, medical technology, agriculture and construction, oil and gas, and machine maintenance.

Our customers benefit from our product portfolio of industrial equipment protection, which includes protective covers, roll-up covers, way wipers, bellows covers, specialty bellows covers, Polyclutch, plastic cable carriers, Elastoform products, telescopic springs, and individual special solutions, even in small quantities or as individual pieces.


Safety at work

DYNATECT focuses on personnel and machines
with dynamic equipment protection

Production processes

are getting faster and faster and the safety requirements for personnel and machines are becoming ever more demanding. Here, DYNATECT makes a significant contribution with the years of experience of a leading company in industrial equipment protection. DYNATECT knows how to design and implement the right measures, which allow the combination of personnel and machines to operate sustainably, in exact accordance with the customer’s requirements. Thus, the customer wins with high productivity and high safety standards for staff

DYNATECT protection systems

consist of components and system solutions for:

  • A smooth production process
  • High machine availability
  • Optimum maintenance strategies
  • Standardised security

When optimising machinery, all aspects of occupational safety should be taken into consideration right from the start.

To avoid the risk of accidents

In order to avoid the risk of accidents for the operating personnel, and to reliably protect personnel in production environments, we recommend repeatedly checking for new risk assessments in the workplace. All potential hazards must be eliminated in accordance with regulations, and systems must be retrofitted if necessary.


Other useful information

Especially with regards to the new Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) of 1st June 2015, we would like to point out that there is no protection of existing plants; for example, steel mills.

Contact us at info@dynatect.de. – We advise and support you in developing and implementing customer-specific solutions for personnel-machine systems.

Other useful links:

Article in the BGHM - Current no. 2/2016, Page 20 f. In German language: (Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall) zum Thema "Bestandsschutz gibt es nicht".

Poster "Der Weg zur sicheren Maschine", von wieland-electric (Normen, Risikobeurteilung, technische Schutzmaßnahmen, Sicherheitskenndaten usw.) In German language

DYNATECT supports the VDSI as a member.
The job of the non-profit association is to improve safety and health as well as environmental protection at work.



The history of DYNATECT


Since January 2022, Thodacon Werkzeugmaschinenschutz GmbH in Kolbermoor / Germany has been responsible for all European production and sales activities of the DYNATECT-Group.


Acquisition of Thodacon Werkzeugmaschinenschutz GmbH.


Merger of the sister companies Dynatect-MFB and Dynatect-Halltech to Dynatect Europe GmbH.


Several of our brands and companies merged under one brand name: DYNATECT.


The acquisition of MFB Technik Schillig in Bielefeld, Germany.

The acquisition of Lead Screws International, Inc. (LSI), headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. LSI designs, manufactures, and repairs LSI precision ball screws.


A&A Manufacturing acquired Ro-Lab American Rubber, based in Tracy, California. Since 1978, Ro-Lab has been a leading company in custom-mixed and moulded parts, specialising in engineering plastics.

A&A Manufacturing acquired Halltech GmbH, based in Schwaig near Munich. Halltech is a leading supplier of machine protection products in Germany and Europe.


In June 2008, the 4th A&A Manufacturing Division is formed through the acquisition of Custom Products Corporation, which manufactures Polyclutch Slip Clutches.


On April 30, 2002, A&A Manufacturing acquired Milwaukee Protective Covers (MPC).


In August 2000, Gortite Roll-Up Doors for fire engines were launched on the market.


In 1998, a 75,000 square metre cable harness manufacturing facility opened in Valparaiso, Indiana.


Development of multi-axis cover panels and bus bellows began in 1973.


In 1970, the Gortrac Division was founded with the aim of developing steel cable and hose carriers.


Machine covers made of metal have been added to the product portfolio since 1967.


The focus of the company shifted in 1949 to developing flexible protective covers for the machine and tool industry. Over the years, this product range has evolved to create the now-recognised range of extremely reliable Gortite protective covers.


In 1945, A&A, origin of today’s DYNATECT company, was founded. A&A specialised in developing and producing synthetic coated fabrics.

DYNATECT Company locations worldwide

Manufacturing & Design

Globally, Dynatect has over 75 different manufacturing capabilities to produce the exact right product in the most efficient way. Consider what any of these capabilities can do to help achieve application success!

Elastomer Processing capabilities
mixing/compounding of specialty rubber formulations, fabric coating, cold feed extrusion

Elastomer Molding capabilities
injection, compression, transfer, spin-cast, dip, insert, open pour, reaction injection, dual-durometer, flange, hose

3D Printing capabilities
multi-jet fusion, fused deposition modeling

Metal Cutting capabilities
saw, shear, punch, plasma (manual), waterjet, laser

Elastomer/Plastic/Fabric Cutting capabilities
manual cutting/sawing, CNC blade cutting, waterjet cutting, hot blade cutting, CNC router

Precision Machining capabilities
horizontal, vertical, turning

Precision Manipulation capabilities
forming/bending, punching, drilling, CNC router, thread cutting/grinding, deburring, whirling, spring winding, calibration, burn-in

Metal Welding capabilities
MIG, TIG, spotweld

Thermoplastics Welding capabilities
UF/high frequency, thermal, impulse, hot air, hot wedge

Heat Processing capabilities
oven, autoclave, press vulcanizing

Major Assembly capabilities
pleating, shaping, sewing, adhesive bonding, crimping, metal staking, folding, riveting, elastomer heat sealing, automation assisted

Finishing capabilities
tumbling, sandblasting, metal graining, buffing, wet painting, automotive-grade painting

Major Testing capabilities
cycle - multi-axis, electrical, chemical, pressure, vacuum, air/water tightness, outdoor, 200’ travel

Repair/Refurbishment capabilities
metal way cover, rollup cover, ball screws



DYNATECT is an innovative and internationally strong growing company headquartered in New Berlin, USA. We are one of the world's leading providers of industrial equipment protection for the protection of man and machine.

See the German page for open positions.

We stand for protection and safety for man and machine

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