14.12.2022 13:26

Download 3D models and get 24/7 instant access to a dynamic CAD and part number builder to simplify specification of metal, plastic and hybrid cable carriers. Dynatect’s industry leading CAD interface supports formats for all major CAD systems.

26.07.2022 13:37

Learn more about Dynatect in Europe



24.11.2021 12:06

Take a look at Dynatect's European Headquarters with our new video.



30.09.2020 13:01

The machine protection expert Dynatect has brought together the companies Steinbock GmbH and Thodacon Werkzeugmaschinenbau GmbH at one location.

02.03.2020 15:49

The Dynatect Group has taken over Thodacon Werkzeugmaschinenschutz GmbH and Steinbock GmbH as part of its expansion strategy.

18.10.2018 23:23

Lightning-fast security doors with photoeye sensor for separating safety-relevant activities in the production process.


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