New development from the USA: high-speed security doors

The Gortite VF high-speed doors recently introduced to the US market have been developed to make safety-critical activities separable from other production processes, plants and employees during operation. For more than a million cycles, these Dynatect doors are installed on each side to provide complete protection / separation from the environment in conjunction with existing machine protection features.

This protects personnel and machinery in areas with high through traffic, for example against potential contamination risks. Lightning-fast opening and closing speeds ensure manufacturing and machine processes such as robot welding, where process-related hazards such as welding fumes, sparks and chips are shielded from the environment. A "Traveling Photoeye" sensor avoids accidents during daily operation that stops the door in seconds if necessary.

Full visibility is provided by an optional window that visualizes the monitoring of isolated processes. The red or bronze OSHA compliant UV window is suitable for welding applications.

Dynatect high-speed doors minimize cycle time and maximize production!

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