Bellows for Ventilation of Traction Motors

The bellows serve as an integral part of the cooling air flow as a flexible connecting element between traction motor blower and drive motor.

Bellows for Ventilation of Traction Motors on Electric Locomotives and Electric Railcars

The bellows are fixed from the bottom of the under floor area of the locomotive to the upper flange of the traction motor fan collar. A seal is provided between the upper flange and the traction motor fan collar in order to prevent loss of air and to prevent the ingress of moisture, like water. The lower part of the bellows will normally be fixed to the bottom flange of the traction motor or fastened with a bayonet fitting. Other mounting options are available.

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Silicone coated Meta-aramid (pink), flame retardant


• Dimensional stability assured by stainless steel wire rings inside the convolution peaks

• Bellows convolutions are secured by protection profiles

• Mounting using custom made metal or silicone flanges

• Air and water proof

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