Box Bellows

We offer customizable box bellows tailored to each customer's specific requirements. We are pleased to provide options such as welded check rail-frames or sturdy armor reinforcement in various folding depths or designs.

Box Bellows

Products such as drive-aeration bellows made from high-quality silicon canvas are not considered unique items for us; they are part of our standard offerings. Similarly, box bellows designed to safeguard gimbal mountings in medical technology are among our regular product range.

Special features:

  • Our box bellows are all-rounder – they afford dust-reliability, oil- and grease resistance, heat resistance and self-commutation.
  • Fastening is possible both-sided – from conventional screw connection till hook-and-loop tape.

Plus factors:

  • High form stability
  • Facile assembling
  • Variety of material
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Teflon lamination possible
  • Flexibility and impact resistance

We stand for protection and safety for man and machine

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