DYNATECT Multiflex (or Theku Bellows or Dip-Molded Bellows) can be made at very reasonable prices in small or medium-size batches. Practically any shape or color is feasible. Our standard color is black (glossy or matte). Two-colored bellows are also possible. At present, the minimum diameter is 20 mm, max. inside dia. being 600 mm.

Multiflex Bellows

Multiflex bellows are made by the dipping process and require a mould. We have a stock of about 2000 tools. In case we don't have the tool you need, we will make a new aluminum mould on short notice at a reasonable price.

For greater stability, the folds can be reinforced with the aid of wire rings. Depending on their use, air sieves or air flaps are required for ventilation, as these bellows are absolutely tight (except with zip fastener or xtension joint). And for easy retrofitting we recommend a zip fastener.

Typical Applications:

  • Wherever ozone and UV resistance are required
  • In a paint and lacquer environment
  • In the food-processing industry
  • In the computer industry (e.g. for joysticks)
  • In the chemical industry
  • In medical engineering
  • In sanitary instalations

Using our online inquiry form for bellows or the PDF file will help you to provide all the information that is needed for designing the bellows needed.



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