Elastomer Products

Dynatect Ro-Lab is a leading specialist in compounding and producing custom rubber and urethane products with over 100 years of combined elastomer experience, in-house quality control and testing. Our expertise in production and process selection helps us deliver a well-designed and functional product.

Elastomer Products

DYNATECT Ro-Lab offers manufacturing options: Rubber molding (compression, injection, transfer), Urethane molding (compression, RIM, low pressure injection, open cast), Mandrel-formed products (hoses, industrial and agricultural rolls, rubber-lined pipes, continuous lengths of tubing and belts).


  • Small sized, high-volume parts
  • Large-scale parts
  • Insert molding (functional metal, textiles or ceramic inserts molded into rubber or polyurethane)
  • Custom material formulation (to meet performance specifications for durability, flexibility and elasticity)
  • Precise tolerances and special finishes

We stand for protection and safety for man and machine

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