Many design engineering options can be solved with Polyclutch. The slip clutches control the precise amount of torque and are able to slip continuously or intermittently for over 30 million cycles.

Possible areas of applications are:
Force Control, Tension Control (printing, stamping, labeling and take-up reels), Torque Control (bottle capping, fastener driving), Position Retention and Brake (hold lid, cover screen etc. at any position), Soft Starts/Cushioned Stops ((Ideal for slip at the end of stroke), Overload Protection (machine and personnel safety).

Polyclutch slip clutches are available as mechanical version with preset or adjustable torque or as pneumatic version. To determine the right type of clutch for any application you need to know the three factors: maximum shaft size, torque capacity of the clutch and the wattage capacity.

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