Pneumatic Slip Clutch Slip-Aire

The Polyclutch Slip-Aire clutch is an air pressure-actuated version of the mechanical Slipper clutch. It has the same long-life friction plates, ensuring constant torque or tension.

Pneumatic Slip Clutch Slip-Aire

With air actuation it can be used to engage/disengage, to vary the torque during operation, or to adjust the torque remotely at any time. Ideal for servo mechanisms, they transmit higher torque levels than comparably sized mechanical slip clutches. Slip-Aire slip clutches are less expensive to purchase and operate than electrically actuated versions. Sealed ball bearings are available on selected models.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be adjusted remotely while the machine is in operation to accomplish quick, repeatable, accurate setup
  • Can accommodate shaft sizes up to 0.625″ (16mm)
  • Torque capacities of up to 300 lb-in
  • Fixed, adjustable and custom designs

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