The Polyclutch Slipper Clutch is a standard-duty mechanical slip clutch for intermittent, continuous or overload torque control.


It contains brass plates interfaced with long-life friction material and soft springs maintain pressure on the friction plates, assuring constant torque. An adjacent component of your mechanism can often be used as the clutch housing reducing overall cost or space concerns. Torque control in one direction can be achieved by combining with our one-way clutch.

Features and benefits:

  • Can accommodate shaft sizes up to 1 inch
  • The torque setting can be fixed or adjustable (denoted 'F' and 'A', respectively)
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet torque needs up to 500 lb-in dependent upon RPM and duty cycle
  • Installation options are "Shaft-to-Shaft" or "Shaft-Through" (denoted 'S' and 'O', respectively)
  • Bore Diameters (dimension 'B') other than the standard sizes shown are available up to the maximum diameter shown, sized in inches or metric.


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