ALC Apron Way Covers

DYNATECT ALC apron way covers meet the high requirements for the protection of your employees and machines.


ALC Apron Way Covers

ALC Apron Way Covers provide optimum protection of machine guideways from contamination and coolant while at the same time reducing the risk of injury, e.g. by preventing hand contact.

Features and benefits:

  • Small size, requires only minimum space
  • Simple mounting (just screw into place)
  • Splash and shower-proofed as per IP 54
  • Long service life
  • Rapid delivery and attractive price!


Precision anodized aluminium extrusions positively interlocked with oil and coolant-resistant polyurethane hinge elements, small roll-up radius, corrosion-resistant. We can provide visual openings as well.

The apron way covers are available with profile thicknesses of 5,5 -8 - 14 and 25 mm.

Our profiles are simple to extend or to shorten and can be changed when damaged.

In addition, there are "Light"- and a "Heavy" versions. In these, the aluminum and/or steel segments are riveted onto a highly tear-resistant coated fabric.

Roll-up Devices:

ALC Apron Way Covers and Steelflex pit covers can be rolled up in order to save space. Depending on the size, the drive may be a spring motor, an electric or compressed-air motor.

Please let us know your application so that we can offer you the best solution.

For our quotation, please specify below the corresponding type of apron-cover width, length and kind of mounting in the PDF Inquiry Form.


Inquiry Form

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