microFIN - The modular finned cover.



microFIN: micro refers to the extremely small compression size and FIN stands for fin (lamella).

The function and reliability of microFIN® finned covers have been successfully proven in long-term tests by renowned machine tool manufacturers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Application frontal, vertical, horizontal (e.g. as movable roof cover)
  • High-quality stainless steel fins
  • Cost-effective and short delivery time
  • Extremely small compressed lenght
  • Smooth extension, no impact noises
  • With coating particularly quiet
  • Resistant to chips and welding splatter
  • Suitable for high travel speeds
  • Acceleration up to 2.5g
  • Delivery complete with guides. Ready to screw on!

MicroFIN machine cover (patented) has a unique ratio of extention to compression. This is due to the fact that the spring elements engage directly into the fins due to a special geometry. This means that a compression of only 2.4mm (!) per lamella can be achieved. The machine stroke can thus be considerably increased compared to conventional covers.

A patented coating underneath each lamella prevents scratches on the surface of the lamellas and increases lifetime up to 70%. In addition, a higher tightness against cooling lubricants and chips is achieved. At present we can do the coating up to a lamella length of 1.500mm (optional).

If one or more lamellas have to be replaced - e.g. in case of damage - they can be removed from the cover corpus without dismantling the entire cover. This is achieved by means of a plug-in connection between corpus and protective lamella. Damaged lamellas can thus be quickly and inexpensively replaced from the work area.

If the cover must be 100% tight - e.g. when using coolant - we can optionally attach a fabric to the back of the fins due to the modular design of the microFIN cover. This only slightly increases the compressed length.

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