Roof Covers

DYNATECT Machine Roof Covers protect machinery and people against noise and containment of dust and particles.

Roof Covers

The supporting structure of lightweight aluminum with low-friction plastic guide blocks and precision bearing rollers minimize energy consumption. The translucent bellows are made from Polyurethane TPE with high-strength monofilament polyester that enables a clear working environment.

Variable fold depth and folding direction (standard or inverted) provide necessary clearances.

Key Features:

  • Material: Translucent bellows using polyurethane TPE with high-strengh monofilament polyester
  • Support structure is made of Aluminum with precision bearing rollers
  • Capable of 1 G acceleration; 60 meter/minute velocity


  • Up to 9000 mm self-supporting span with minimal deflection
  • Individually replaceable folding sections
  • Variable fold depth and folding direction (standard or inverted)
  • Configurable to almost any rail or way system

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