Telescopic springs

TelaSpring Telescopic Springs - also known as spiral springs or spring guards as accident protection - have been developed to protect against accidents, soiling and mechanical damage wherever there are rotating parts, such as spindles or shafts. They have proven their high reliability even in heavy-duty conditions in many years of practical use.

Telescopic springs

TelaSpring Telescopic Springs are designed so that they will follow the motion of your machine by spring force. They may be used for vertical, horizontal or diagonal motion. Some of these springs can also be retrofitted.

Material: High-quality blue spring steel strip (55-58 Rockwell) with rounded edges. Strength up to 1800 N/m². Standard telescopic springs are designed for speeds up to 40 m/min.

Where coolants with a high water content are regularly used, we recommend telescopic springs made of stainless steel. These, however, have less spring force and can therefore not be made in all sizes.


Horizontal mounting position:
telescopic springs designed for horizontal use have greater overlap of coils than springs for vertical use to avoid "sagging". The larger diameter should be where most chips occur.

Vertical and diagonal mounting position:
due to the high extension forces involved, these springs (which act against the force of gravity) require greater extended length than horizontal telescopic springs. The larger diameter should be at the top. This avoids dirt from falling into the coils and has a self-cleaning effect.

Centering Flanges:

Centering should be provided at the ends of the springs to allow these to turn. The springs must be able to move freely and must not be fixed. The mounting sleeve and centering flange are not normally supplied with the springs.

These flanges can be supplied as optional accessories.

Types and Sizes:

Presently we have more than 1000 different standard sizes available. In our catalog you can find all technical data of the telescopic springs in our itemized list. This type code results in our final order number.

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