Pit Covers – Steelflex

STEELFLEX roll-up covers are engineered and manufactured to protect machine ways, ball screws, openings of large machinery, machine ways, ball screws, etc.

Pit Covers – Steelflex

When closed, the covers provide a safe walk-on surface and thus enhance the safety of operating personnel and protect against damage and soiling.

Using STEELFLEX to cover open pits ensures easy machine accessibility and eliminates the need for cumbersome sliding plates.They can be rolled up using an air-motor or into a scroll and are also ideal for covering machine tool changers or large chemical tanks.

Main advantages:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Custom-designed to fit your machine or pit
  • Safe and strong continuous stainless steel surface
  • Impervious to hot chips, coolants and abrasives
  • Damaged segments can be individually replaced
  • Take-up available with or without canister


  • Custom width and length, largest width up to date: 8000 mm
  • The aluminum or steel rib profile depends on the width and also the load that will be placed on the cover

Drive types:

  • Air motor (with brakes)
  • Electric motor
  • Spring motor
  • Manually

We stand for protection and safety for man and machine

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