UMC-750 Roof Covers

Roof Cover for Haas* UMC-750 Vertical Machining Center

UMC-750 Roof Cover

For the containment of dust and particles, Dynatect offers a roof cover designed specifically for the Haas* UMC-750 machining center.

*Note: HAAS is a registered trademark owned and licensed by Haas Automation, Inc. The logo and images are used with the permission of Haas.

The cover consists of a lightweight steel frame with folded bellows that glide with the machine. The cover’s purpose is to protect the environment from escaping dust and provide subtle noise attenuation.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight steel frame with robust Heat-Sealed bellows creates unique roof designed specifically for the UMC-750
  • Bearing rollers, UHMW strips and nylon riders enable handling of maximum machine speeds


  • Covers protect environment from dust and provide subtle noise attenuation
  • Self-supporting frame accommodates maximum required travel with minimal deflection
  • Individually replaceable bellows sections with hook and loop ends promote simple cover maintenance
  • Lifting lugs, squaring braces and foam surfaces enable simple installation process


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